Against All Odds

I am the proud mother of six sons and now a daughter covering the full pediatric spectrum! I married straight out of high school at the age of 19 and spent my first four years of married life in the company of London’s hippest, studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. I three kids in three years and was constantly told I was crazy and would never finish my degree.

Pregnancy and baby care brought unusual challenges. I used to run out of the library with morning sickness and run home in between lectures to feed or bring the kids in. One valuable skill which I credit to that period is time management. I learned how to be time-efficient – if I had a design brief, I knew my time was more limited, given all my other commitments, and there was no time for procrastination. Getting an assignment done would often mean completing it between midnight feeds.

With a hectic schedule came a new pursuit: I am constantly thinking of how to make life easier. I have always been a mad inventor and creative problem solver. My mind spins around at 100 miles per hour. With Sock Ons, it was a case of necessity proving to be the mother of invention.

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