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Baby Socks that Stay on

By Ed Green-Moore December 09, 2019 0 comments

So, you’ve probably seen my daughter out in her buggy today with her little bare feet hanging out of her buggy turning red from the cold. You can even hear the ‘tsk tsk’ comments as people pass by wondering if I am a neglectful mother. You can see the wincing look of horror as little toes kick in the wind as the buggy wheels over the freshly fallen autumn leaves. One or two elderly walkers have the nerve to tell me off like a little schoolgirl and mutter in disbelief how on earth could a parent let a baby go without socks in this weather.

If only they knew how we started off this morning. Fully dressed in long-sleeved, high neck winter top with cute matching trousers, coat, woolly hat and an even cuter pair of brand new socks! But that lasted about ten minutes. Even before we got out the door, my daughter yanked off her socks with squeals of delight. As if she knew exactly how to play this game. Of course all babies are born knowing how to pull off their socks and drive their  parents scatty! Mummy puts them on, baby pulls them off. Except this is an uneven playing field. Babies are the obvious winners and can outsmart even the cleverest of adults.

Once they have taken their socks off for the umpteenth time, you get to the point of not even bothering anymore and just trying to get to your destination as quickly as possible before some well meaning passer by decides to report you to social services!

But babies are programmed to pull their socks off! That was until I stumbled across the most brilliant baby product. Sock Ons – the one and only invention that can outsmart even the cleverest little ‘Sock Houdini’. Sock Ons make baby socks that stay on. They are these cute little sock jackets that are worn over any pair of socks and when baby inevitably pulls at her toes, the socks get locked into place by the hole in the heel. Genius! It is one of those simple ‘I wish I invented it’ products. I have just ordered Sock Ons in every colour in the rainbow so we can go out in the blustery London weather with baby socks firmly in place. It is now my favourite piece of baby gear.

I have since stopped getting dirty looks in the park with a sockless baby. My daughter wears her Sock Ons every day and it is by far my best baby shower gift for all my new mum friends. When we go out, my daughter has baby socks that stay on. No more squealing with delight, pulling off socks and driving your mother to the brink. We can enjoy watching the squirrels in the park without having to run for shelter. Sorry baby. Game over. Mum wins. Thank you Sock Ons.

Mimi Gordon and baby Roni

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