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Developmental Stages: When will my baby sit up?

By Kezi Levin October 18, 2021 0 comments

Your baby is growing, getting more muscle control and making developmental leaps right before your eyes. Sitting up is a huge milestone for your baby as they will be able to play upright and explore the world around them as they take in their surroundings.

Your baby may be ready to sit up when they have good head control, and their movements are more purposeful; this usually occurs at around four to six months. Your baby may be trying to push themselves up from a lying down position, and they may have learnt to roll over. As every baby is unique and develops at their own pace, some babies may develop this ability a little earlier or later.

You can place your baby in a supported seated position on the floor to help them learn to sit up. As they develop more strength, your baby will try to tripod. This means that they will lean forward and extend their arms to balance their upper body. In this position, your baby will begin to develop their balance, and soon your little one will be able to hold themselves in a seated position when supported with a pillow.

Your baby will be able to hold themselves in an upright seated position before being able to push themselves into an upright seated position. Your baby will have developed the strength and confidence to sit up without support at around eight to nine months.

Giving your baby plenty of opportunities to play and practice will let them develop the strength to sit up independently.

When your baby is playing on their tummy and has developed head control, you can use a rattle to get your baby’s attention. As they learn to raise their head and neck, they are developing the strength in their neck and back muscles needed for sitting up.

When playing on the floor with your baby, let them try different approaches to getting into a seated position. As they learn to move their weight in different directions, they will get more control over their movement.

You can encourage your baby to tripod by placing them in a seated position and then placing a toy slightly in front of them, so they reach out for it. This means they will reach out with one hand and support their upper body with the other.

 After your baby has learnt to sit up, crawling is right around the corner!

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