How to prepare for your pregnancy and baby’s arrival on a budget

How to prepare for your pregnancy and baby’s arrival on a budget

When those two lines on the pregnancy test appear, suddenly, everything changes. You’re filled with excitement and apprehension, all wrapped up in one, and your life quickly becomes filled with preparing for your new baby. Unfortunately, this comes with numerous expenses, so how can you keep costs down while ensuring you’re ready for your baby’s arrival? Here are a few tips:

Consider what maternity clothing you’ll really need

Maternity clothing is pricey, and once your baby arrives, you’ll be left with a double wardrobe you’ll only need for a short time postpartum. Investing in a few items you can mix and match with is key to minimising costs. Some items to consider are maternity jeans with a stretchy panel for comfort, leggings in a couple of sizes as your bump grows, two or three dresses for when waistbands are far too uncomfortable, three or four maternity tops for when your own t-shirts no longer cover your bump and an oversized cardigan or jacket that comfortably closes.

Newborn clothing essentials

Resist the urge to give your baby a designer wardrobe. Babies grow quickly, so that newborn tutu or cute bear onesie you bought won’t last long. Buy staples such as sleepsuits, bodysuits, cardigans, socks, hats and scratch mitts. Keep costs down by having a clothing swap or buying clothes out of season. It’s hard to resist looking at all the cute baby clothes, so if there is something you do see, consider how often your little one will wear them, how practical it will be to change them, and how machine-washable it is.

Save on Pregnancy Traditions

Nowadays, no pregnancy is complete without maternity photos and a baby moon. The good news is you don’t have to forego participating to save money. For those weekly bump update photos, ask your partner or a friend to take the picture and use a small chalkboard in the background so you can update the number each week.

You might consider taking a babymoon to spend time with your partner pre-baby. Instead of travelling to an expensive resort, stay local and have a long weekend at a bed and breakfast in the countryside or a special night away at a hotel with a spa rather than jetting away for a week.

Save on buying baby gadgets and equipment

There are so many baby items and gadgets to choose from, so it’s easy to get sucked in when you want your little one to have the very best. Does your baby really need a wipe warmer though? Probably not. If there are luxury items you feel your baby will really need, add them to your baby shower registry, or suggest them as a gift from family and friends.

Apply this same minimalist concept when choosing items for your baby’s nursery. Choose pieces that can grow with your child, such as a convertible crib that transitions to a toddler bed. Don’t be shy about asking friends or family members if they have any baby items in storage taking up space, or put some feelers out on social media and online. Many people are willing to part with nursery essentials for free or at a much lower price when they’re second-hand.

With the essentials in mind, you can enjoy your pregnancy without spending a fortune.

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