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Mother of all Inventions!

By Kezi Levin August 21, 2017 0 comments

We had a family wedding mid-December and my 3 month old little son had to go dressed in formal attire but he kept pulling off his socks. I was so desperate to find a solution, I was on the verge of putting him in tights or a baby grow, but his older brothers would have none of that! I knew there had to be a better solution, after all - how many socks do you reckon a baby has lost in their lifetime? Ten or twenty? Maybe more? Worse still, it always seems to be one in each pair! I trawled the web and all the stores and I couldn't believe that there was nothing available.

The Sock Ons idea came while I was trying to fall asleep that night: I got up, cut up my own tights and made a prototype — and it worked. Something so simple but no one had thought of it before. The idea behind it was if a baby pulled the sock at the toe end, it would get caught in the hole around the heel. Eureka! It actually worked. Problem solved and the little man never lost his socks again :)

Seeing the huge potential in the product – I worked incredibly hard over the next few years finding the best fabric and stitching tension, prototyping, branding, doing photo shoots, filing patent and design registration applications.
I worked as a graphic designer to finance my business. This definitely made it a much slower and longer process, but we maintained full control of the company.
We exhibited Sock Ons at a trade show and ended up winning the award for innovation! This launched the product on a global scale and we took orders at the show. We borrowed £3000 from a family member to put through our first order and from then on it started paying for itself!

It took about 3 years to get Sock Ons to market (with some huge learning curves along thr way) and 5 years for it to really start flying. We have sold over a million Sock Ons to date and we believe that they are a necessary item that no baby or sane parent can do without.

The Sock Ons brand has now become synonymous with innovative and practical baby products and we have enjoyed the release of a whole range of innovative baby gear including Dribble Ons bandana bibs, Mocc Ons slipper socks, Plod Ons knee pads and now Twiddle Ons foot finder toys that actually stay on.


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