Ten Top Tips for Dressing your Baby this Winter

Ten Top Tips for Dressing your Baby this Winter

Babies can't tell us how comfortable they are, which sometimes makes dressing them for chilly weather problematic!






Read on to find out how to dress your baby, so they're not too hot or too cold for the winter weather. 












Two layers are sufficient for a baby spending the day inside. 



Begin with a bodysuit or sleepsuit, and add a layer, such as a fleece all-in-one with feet. If you're opting for trousers and a top, socks under booties will keep their little toes cosy!






Touch the toes






A suitable method for finding out whether your baby is warm enough is to check their toes and stomach when you come inside from the cold. Their toes should be cool but not cold and their stomach warm. 




A baby with warm toes and a warm stomach is overdressed. A cool stomach means they're unable to warm themselves up, so add an extra layer to their outfit. 






An Extra Layer for the Baby!






An excellent guide is to dress your baby as you dress, then give them another layer. 




So, if you're in jeans, a t-shirt and a jumper, pop them in a long-sleeved bodysuit, t-shirt, cardigan and trousers or leggings.




If you've also got your winter coat on, dress them in a snowsuit to keep away the winter chill. 






Car Seat Safety






Thick coats and snowsuits can make car seat straps too loose, so replace these with snugly fitting blankets around your baby after they've been strapped into the seat, not before. 




If you're in a freezing climate, car seat liners are a good option for keeping your baby warm while you're out and about. 






Pram Accessories






Snuggly footmuffs are perfect for keeping your baby warm when you're both out for a walk. 




Sleeping bag style footmuffs are available with a soft fleece lining for the best cold weather protection. 




The top layer is removable to control temperature and allows for extra air circulation to keep your baby comfortable. It also makes it easier for you when putting baby in and taking them out of the pram.






Stroller Covers Count too!






The rain shield helps to protect your baby from the wet and windy weather. It also helps hold in the heat! So be aware of how hot it can get inside the stroller and make sure to remove it when you're indoors. 






Mittens, Hats and Socks






Babies lose a lot of heat through their head and extremities, so keep those covered up! A hat that covers their ears and has a chin strap to keep it on is ideal; mittens for their little hands and socks, such as Sock Ons will work a treat. 






Home? Time to unbundle!






Be sure to remove a few of the extra layers once you get indoors; your baby has as much trouble cooling down their body as they do warming up. 












As loose blankets are a no go, dressing your baby for sleep is especially important. 




Aim to keep them on the cool side; babies sleep better when they're comfortable and overheated babies are at greater risk from SIDS. 




Use a few layers, bodysuits with footed pyjamas and a sleep sack or blanket should be suitable. Make sure that the blanket is tucked in no higher than their shoulders.




However, it is all dependent on the temperature of the bedroom, check your child's neck to make sure they're not too warm. 



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