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Why do kids need toys to support their development?

By Kezi Levin October 27, 2022 0 comments

We live in a modern world, and instead of toys, many parents choose to give their young children electronic devices, such as tablets and phones, to entertain themselves with.

Convenience plays a huge part in this, and there are times when these devices are definitely needed, such as on long plane journeys, but if it's more the rule rather than the exception, it can impact on a child's development.

Technology can't teach children the essential skills that toys do. Kids need something to play with other than technology to support them in successfully developing all of the necessary skills for healthy child development.

Children can learn how to interact with people by playing with toys. Children often create scenarios when they play that emulate real-life situations. They will recreate events they've seen or experienced with their toys which helps them to develop social skills. Dolls, cars, dressing up, and interactive toys are all fantastic options to enhance your kid's development.

Play is one of the most valuable ways to help your child understand social interaction. Promote play with your kids, and let them engage with other children often. Playing alongside other kids can help all those involved work on social skills. Together, they will naturally create scenarios, participating in teamwork. Play dates and clubs are also a great way for your child to begin building confidence when interacting; this can really help them prepare for starting school.

Motor skills include all things related to the use of the nervous system; carrying/holding objects, full hand function, running, walking, and all other physical functions all fall under motor skills. Hands-on activities will help your child to build fine motor skills. Taking your children to the playground is perfect for them to use their motor skills; they can use the swing or go down the slide and use their agility on the climbing frame. When your kids are old enough, you can sign them up for sports or group activities so that they can improve their motor skills regularly.

Let your child try out different toys to find out what they like. Every once in a while, take your child to pick out one toy they want to add to their collection. Let them learn about who they are by selecting the toys they want to play with. Whether they like dolls, trucks, building blocks, sports toys, or crafts, they will appreciate being given a chance to find interests and learn about who they are.

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