Bright Little Ones

Bright Little Ones

Collection of innovative Ons products in every bright colour of the rainbow.
Twiddle Ons Foot Discovery Rattle Toys


Babies are fascinated with their feet... so Foot Finder Discovery Toys are such a great idea! Following on the global success of Sock Ons® (clever little things that keep baby socks on), Twiddle Ons® are foot discovery toys that not only engage baby to find their toes but they also keep baby socks on!

Twiddle Ons encourage babies to explore their feet and have ‘foot fun’ without the frustration of losing them! The sounds, colours and textures of Twiddle Ons toys have been carefully designed with key baby developmental stages in mind.

So kick up those heels and tickle those toes!

  • Keeps Baby Entertained
  • Follows Important Infant Developmental Stages
  • High Contrast Colours
  • Crinckle and Rattle Sounds
  • Can't Be Pulled OFF!

Sock Ons garment:  82% Nylon 18% Elastane
Conforms to CE toy standards
Size up to 12 months

Registered Design



Mocc Ons Rainbow 2-3yrs

Mocc Ons Unisex

by Sock Ons


Mocc Ons aare cute moccasin style slipper socks that ensure babies and toddlers have warm and comfortable feet throughout the year! Mocc Ons have high quality leather soles which are stitched to a soft stretch cotton sock. They come in fun designs with Dribble Ons to match! Moc Ons are designed to be funky, practical, fashionable and washable -making a perfect gift!

Dribble Ons Brights

Dribble Ons Brights

by Sock Ons


Clever little bandana bibs that keep babies dry and dribble free!

Step Ons

Step Ons

Step Ons

by Sock Ons


Crawling, cruising and walking shoes! Half Sock + Half Shoe!

Step Ons rubber soled shoes have been designed for the first 3 stages of movement, with soft and flexible rubber soles (made out of 100% non-toxic TPE rubber) protecting little feet whilst encouraging exploration of the world both indoor and out!

Perfect for playgrounds and soft play, Step Ons which are light and flexible, make an ideal first shoe, allowing feet to be close to the ground for balance whilst providing a barefoot sensation with the added protection of shoes!

Step Ons come packaged in a beautiful gift box - making them the ideal present.

Sock Ons Brights Red / 0-6M

Sock Ons Brights

by Sock Ons


Clever little things that keep baby socks on!

Plod Ons Cow

Plod Ons Unisex

by Sock Ons


Plod Ons are designed to protect babies knees as they crawl around of hard floors. Plod Ons are made from a lovely soft and stretchy cotton,fitting snuggly over tiny knees without restricting movement.